Our story
Eureka Bamboo Socks are safely considered an eco-champion: Easy on the planet and awesome on your baby's feet. We create socks that are soft, healthy and so comfortable!

Our mission
When we became parents we suddenly became hyper aware about the fabrics that touched our babies' skin. The more we looked into it, the more we realized how reliant many companies are on chemical use and the evidence was hard to ignore. So we turned to nature for ethical solutions!

Our eureka moment
With the bamboo’s magical qualities - it’s an easily renewable grass, takes two-thirds less water than cotton to grow, with less recourse to toxic chemicals - we began to ask ourselves why such an extraordinary, sustainable material was so rarely seen in the industry. And with that spirit of exploration, the Eureka journey began.

The Founders
Corinne, Estelle and Darren come from diverse backgrounds and if there is one thing that unites them, it is certainly the impact they want to leave on our planet for the next generations.