Fits your baby’s every move

Bamboo Socks - Naturally soft, comfy from toe to tip

Soft from Tip to Toe

A wonderful sock that's naturally soft, comfy from toe to tip, and fits your baby’s every move. Our baby socks have a non-slip sole and a gentle ribbed ankle band — so they always stay on. Each pack contains three pairs of socks — one blue, one pink and one koala, they’re easy to tell apart and fun to wear.

That Eureka Moment

Eureka bamboo socks are soft, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Cool in the heat and warm in the cold,

Bamboo is a fabric unlike any other — naturally anti-static, anti-bacterial, thermal regulating and colour-fast. Nature makes bamboo this way. Bamboo fibres have a unique hollow structure, allowing for better moisture absorption and ventilation — much better in fact than cotton or wool. This means feet stay fresh, comfortable and odour-free all through the day.